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From The Times: October 11, 2008
By Claire McDonald

Times Online

Does this work: DURAthin tooth veneers
For that perfect Hollywood smile

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Good for? If your teeth are worn, small or discoloured, veneers can make them look perfect - think Tom Cruise.

What is it? Veneers were traditionally for people who had real problems with their teeth. Natural teeth were ground down and porcelain covers were stuck on to hide imperfections. This new technique doesn't require the teeth to be drilled down as the veneers are super-thin; this makes it a less drastic treatment, reversible and quick.

Cost: The same as normal veneers at about £750 a tooth, or six or more for about £450 to £500 each.

Cheap alternatives: Boots' Rapid White Tooth Whitening System, from £20, will make some improvement to your teeth.

Ouch factor? With no grinding, the pain is significantly reduced. In most cases the procedure can be done without numbing. Ten per cent of patients have an anaesthetic while the veneers are glued on because they find it uncomfortable to keep their mouth open for the necessary hour. There's no drilling, so your teeth aren't sensitive after the treatment.

Clock-watching: Three visits to the dentist are needed. Initially, photos are taken, then teeth are sculpted with wax and resin and a mould is taken of the finished smile. This is sent away to be made into veneers, and a week later they are ready to be glued on. They should last longer than normal veneers - 10 to 15 years, in theory, although they have been in existence for only two years, so there's no proof.

Downtime: None. You can go straight back to the office, smiling broadly.

What to ask: Find out how many patients they've done before. Look for at least three to four cases similar to you, see photos of them and then try to speak or meet someone who has had it done. Your dentist should be a member of the General Dental Council and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. For details of practitioners go to www.durathin.co.uk

Dentist's verdict: “This seems an excellent idea in principle, and the photos I've seen show that they are significantly better than other veneer systems that don't reduce the teeth. Not every case is suitable. If a patient has crooked teeth, they need to be straightened or reduced before veneers are put on as you can't just add to them,” says Tif Qureshi, a cosmetic dentist who is on the board of the BACD (www.bacd.com).

Trick or treatment? This could be a pain-free path to the perfect smile.

No drilling

No injections


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