How do Durathin Veneers Work?

Durathin a natural veneerDURAthin veneers are very thin porcelain pieces (around 0.2mm thick) that are custom-made to stick straight to the front of teeth without grinding or shaving! This means that for some people, we can transform their smile without even drilling on their natural teeth. Once bonded they are incredibly strong.

The new DURAthin veneers, developed by Dr. Dennis Wells and dental lab technician Mark Willes, are changing the way many dentists are approaching cosmetic dentistry. This revolutionary approach eliminates some of the concerns you may have about removing healthy tooth structure. The contact lens-like veneers are bonded directly to the tooth in instances where we are trying to increase the size of the teeth or enhance a narrow arch width.

There are many ways to approach cosmetic dentistry. Perhaps you've seen some smiles that look fake or contrived. In contrast, DURAthin veneers can create a beautiful, confident smile that looks real and natural. The secret lies in artistically designing the shapes of the veneers, in layering the porcelain so it looks natural, and in selecting the appropriate techniques so the end result does not look thick or bulky.

Generally speaking, people who have narrow smiles or have had teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons in the past can be great candidates for this exciting procedure. We have also used this technology to "turn back the clock" for people with small or worn teeth, giving them a more youthful smile.

How do Durathin Venners work? Get a perfect smile with Durathin Veneers

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Durathin Veneers in London

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