Durathin veneers

Certain concerns have stopped a lot of people from obtaining the smile they desire. That’s because traditionally, veneers have required the removal of natural tooth structure prior to restoring the smile. For that reason, many people have resisted the option of changing their smile.

A brand new product, called DuraTHIN veneers, is a type of prepless veneer which eliminates the need to remove any natural tooth structure.

This new advanced technology is perfect for those who would like to enhance their smiles but do not want to have their natural teeth drilled down in the process.

The DuraTHIN procedure is reversible, since the natural teeth are left undisturbed underneath the porcelain veneers.  The treatment is done with very little discomfort to you.  In fact, in most cases, the procedure can be done without any numbing!  Each DuraTHIN veneer is custom-designed to specific contours and shades and the extremely thin layer of porcelain is then bonded on top of the natural tooth.

Dr Wells from Nashville invented the DuraTHIN technique and Dr James Goolnik is excited to be the first dentist in the Uk to offer this service to his patients.

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Durathin Veneers in London

James Goolnik is the ONLY certified dentist in the UK that can fit Durathin Veneers.

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